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Almost every Sunday, HGP members gather in Portland, Oregon, for a program which is free and open to the public. With the invited presenters' permissions, we record those talks for our members, and with further permission, make them available here. Hovering over a thumbnail below shows its full title and [date] of that program, and clicking it brings it to the top window to view its "Description" and/or video. Most programs start with a very short reading chosen by a member. See for more info about HGP and our programs. Members also get access to videos not authorized for public release, as well as the HGP library and member-oriented events. Video credits: For most videos, camera is done by Mike Birtchet, audio is done by Bill Maiden, and final editing was done by Dave DiNucci and is currently done by Laurent Beauregard. None of these videos would be possible without the excellent work of the HGP Program Committee to schedule speakers and to carry out the programs, or without the contributed time and effort of the speakers themselves.
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Age-Related Clonal Hematopoiesis [2016/09-11]

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 2:16pm

As we age, a stunning proportion of us develop clonal expansion of pre-leukemic cells in our blood and bone marrow. Drs. Jeff Tyner and Kim-Hien Dao explore this phenomenon and its implications for our understanding of malignancy, cancer therapies, and aging. Dr. Tyner is assistant professor of cell and developmental biology at the OHSU School of Medicine and is a member of the Knight Cancer Institute. He received an award from the AAAS for research that identifies cancer-causing mutations and finding drugs that target these mutations. Dr. Dao specializes in hematology and oncology.

Cast: Portland Humanists

Tax Credits and the Working Poor [2016/08-28]

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 11:11am

Low income tax credits constitute the most powerful antipoverty program in the nation. Yet Oregon has the lowest participation rate among the fifty states. Twenty-five percent of eligible Oregonians do not receive it. Camille McDaniel will discuss access to these credits for working families. Since 2008, Ms. McDaniel has worked for CASH Oregon (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) a non-profit committed to improving the financial health of low-income Oregonians and promoting low-income tax credits.

Cast: Portland Humanists

Tags: tax credits for the poor

Wound Healing: Past, Present and Future [2016/08-21]

Wed, 10/05/2016 - 1:45pm

Presentation by Helen Christians. Until antibiotics were discovered and available to the general public, people died from infected wounds or faced amputation. Natural substances like silver, herbs and honey were recognized for their healing powers but not understood. This presentation will review the biology of wound healing and discuss current medical practices and future treatment. Helen Christians is an occupational therapist with 30yrs experiences working with wound and burn survivors at the Oregon Burn Center.

Cast: Portland Humanists

Tags: medicine and history

Climate Reality [2016/07-31]

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 8:38pm

Presentation by Rand Schenck about the harmful impacts that result from the burning of fossil fuels. Climate Reality is sobering. Mr. Schenck looks at actions offering us hope -- actions taking place across the planet. He discusses what each of us can do to make a difference. Rand Schenck is an activist leader with 350PDX. He was trained as a climate reality leader last year with Al Gore and his organization.

Cast: Portland Humanists

Scholarship Winners [2016/07-17]

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 6:54pm

Winners of Annual Humanist Essay Contest speak. Topic: Is the Concept of Separation of Church and State good for our country? Why or why not? How does it affect you personally?

Cast: Portland Humanists

Legacy of Neil Postman [2016/07-10]

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 12:42pm

Presentation by Dave Collamer. Neil Postman was a professor at New York University and social critic from 1969 to 1999. He emphasized the shortcomings in American society in the areas of education, technology, history, and democracy. He published sixteen books including "Amusing Ourselves to Death" (1985). Postman was a humanist who believed that new technology can never substitute for human values.

Cast: Portland Humanists