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Regional Prospects of Turkey
Osman Tanrikulu

Presentation by Osman G. Tanrikulu about Turkey’s relationship with the European Union. Relations between the E.U. and Turkey have been deteriorating. While political figures and contingent events influence Turkey’s foreign relations, it is important also to assess changes in social attitudes, beliefs, and values of Turkish citizens and compare them to those of people living in the E.U. Osman G. Tanrikulu is a political economist who is originally from Turkey. He is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Public Affairs & Policy Program at Portland State University. He co-authored the book Global Power Transitions and Future of the European Union.

Virtual Reality
Matthew DeMoss

Matthew DeMoss presents a brief history of Virtual Reality (VR) technology and demonstrates everyday uses of VR. He provides live demonstrations inside various VR programs for audience members. DeMoss is a 29 year old Portland resident. He has worked for Apple, PowerMax, DWFritz Automation, and is currently employed at Safeway IT. He enjoys exploring new technologies.

Trump’s Greatest Hits
Jeff Seward

Jeff Seward provides a review of President Trump's first five months in office assessing the threats posed to the future of American democracy and the basic social compact that has prevailed in the U.S. since the New Deal. Jeff Seward is a full professor in the Department of Politics and Government at Pacific University and has been a frequent guest speaker at HGP. He is the author of a forthcoming article on democracy and political inequality. And he has just published a book about politics in Brazil.

The Ballad of the Barketts
Pete and Paul Barkett

Most of us know the Barkett brothers as our favorite musicians at HGP, but it turns out they can talk too. In fact, they enjoy telling stories about their musical career, the role music has played in their lives, how they became Humanists, and how all of that intersects.