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Why Poetry?
Robert Sanford

Presentation by Robert Sanford. There's a world packed inside quality poems, but it's pretty crowded in there. Sanford provides tools to open up some poems (crack the concentration code) and discover their truths and pleasures. This is the ninth of his poetry programs; the first eight were very well received. Sanford taught poetry in his first real job: High School English Teacher. Since then he’s been a police officer, professional speaker and trainer, human resources manager, and technical writer. He joined HGP in 1998 where he originated the emcee position, having served as emcee for seven years.

Todd Kimball

Presentation by HGP member Todd Kimball. Todd writes: “Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, improve memory, boost the immune system and enhance creativity.” He sees stand-up comedy as an under-appreciated voice of humanism. From Jim Jeffries to the late George Carlin, Todd shows that stand-up comics have the ability to raise questions about religion in a way that other forms of dialogues cannot. Stand-up comics are verbal entrepreneurs.  Todd has tips on how anyone can become funnier and find more enjoyment in life.

Regional Prospects of Turkey
Osman Tanrikulu

Presentation by Osman G. Tanrikulu about Turkey’s relationship with the European Union. Relations between the E.U. and Turkey have been deteriorating. While political figures and contingent events influence Turkey’s foreign relations, it is important also to assess changes in social attitudes, beliefs, and values of Turkish citizens and compare them to those of people living in the E.U. Osman G. Tanrikulu is a political economist who is originally from Turkey. He is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Public Affairs & Policy Program at Portland State University. He co-authored the book Global Power Transitions and Future of the European Union.

Virtual Reality
Matthew DeMoss

Matthew DeMoss presents a brief history of Virtual Reality (VR) technology and demonstrates everyday uses of VR. He provides live demonstrations inside various VR programs for audience members. DeMoss is a 29 year old Portland resident. He has worked for Apple, PowerMax, DWFritz Automation, and is currently employed at Safeway IT. He enjoys exploring new technologies.