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Notable Women
Helen Christians

Members share their research on influential women of science, politics, exploration and entertainment. Presentations include women who have changed the world but are not well known. Presenters were Anne Henderson, Joyce Lackie, Marsha Abelman, Lenora Warren, Arnie Panitch, Laurent Beauregard, and Carolyn Tomei.

The Mind of Theodore Roszak
Dave Collamer

Presentation by Dave Collamer about Theodore Roszak who was a history professor at California State University and a social critic for over 40 years. Roszak’s view is that people in developed countries have bought into the techno-industrial scheme of life so much that they have lost contact with their inner sources of  transcendent vision, and thus are out of balance. Roszak is the author of The Making of a Counter Culture. Dave Collamer is a member of HGP. He retired from teaching high school science and moved from to Portland in 2010. Dave has always been interested in philosophy and history.

Jobs for the Future
Del Allen

Donald Trump has promised to return jobs to the U.S. workforce. Del Allen discusses how the job market is changing. Many of the jobs Trump talks about have been, or will be, replaced with no humans or with humans from outside the U.S. How is the job market affected as a result of "the cloud"? How should we advise our grandchildren about going to college and obtaining employment? Del Allen is chair of HGP’s program committee.

The Tangerine Tree
Francesca Piantadosi

Francesca Piantadosi teaches playwriting in correctional settings. Her students have authored amazing plays that have been presented with professional actors behind bars for the incarcerated youth and their families. Through their “characters” students learn complex thinking and creative problem solving. Ms. Piantadosi is an award-winning playwright whose work has been presented from New York to Bangalore, India. She’s been teaching in correctional settings for over five years.