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Even before you become an HGP member, you can join us for some activities. In addition to our Sunday morning programs, you can join our Humanists of Greater Portland Meetup (HGP-M) for activities at different times and places, including some of those mentioned below. Get to know us this way, and when you become an HGP member, you will also be able to participate in our on-line forums.


After our regular meeting, join us in the Arts and Crafts Room to have a cup of coffee or juice, nosh a little and discuss that Sunday's topic with the speaker and your fellow HGPers.  Members are asked to contribute to the snacks based on their last name and the corresponding  Sunday, to wit A-G 1st,  H-M 2nd, N-S 3rd, T-Z 4th.

Discussion groups

Many of these meet at Friendly House on Sunday morning.  Check our calendar for  times and locations.

  • Early Bird Discussion: Meets weekly at 8:45 am. The moderator and topic are chosen by consensus.

  • First Sunday Open Discussion: Topic is chosen by consensus. Join a circle of humanists in conversation and share your point of view.

Social Gatherings

After our weekly meeting, many of us go to lunch to discuss the talk.

From March thru December, members gather for a monthly potluck dinner at a member's home.

Vinnies Night- named after one of our founding members,  we fill a couple of tables at a local pizzeria on the third Wednesday every month.

In addition, we offer the activities mentioned below. Check the calendar for times and locations.

  • Women’s Brunch

  • Men’s Lunch

  • Pub Night

  • Book Groups

  • Walk the Mall