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At Friendly House

Please remember, you do not NEED to come to Friendly House to participate, this Sunday or ever: We will continue making the programs available on Zoom, pretty much unchanged. But for those looking to get out and involved again, the remainder of this document is for those (contemplating) coming to Friendly House.
Street parking seems scarcer now than it was two years ago, and it was not great then. To help, we have made arrangements with a couple of neighboring businesses to use their lots on Sundays. Specifically:
* there are about 8 spots at the Fat Tire Bike Shop on 27th and Thurman (0.1 miles west of FH)
* there are 12 more at the Selco Credit Union on 25th and Thurman (0.1 miles east of FH). They have asked us to leave at least 5 places closest to the ATM available for their customers, so “our” spots would be a few places close to the intersection and some more after passing the ATM.
* Of course, there may be other spots in the neighborhood, and especially nearer to Montgomery Park (27th and Vaughn), but that’s a longer walk.
Close-up of SELCO lot at 25th and Thurman.
Oregon’s Covid cases are still fairly low, but they’ve more than quadrupled in the last month.The CDC recommends wearing masks in environments like this. We will not be checking vaccination status, but masking will be appreciated in closed populated spaces when it does not interfere with other activities. We hope to have some extra masks, and will provide some ventilation in the rooms, will run air filters where possible, and will limit capacity in Keeston to 50% of normal (so, 40 people), with an overflow room available. Ultimately, it is your decision whether you feel safe to attend. To help us minimize the chances of hospitalizations or suffering, please take precautions.
HGP has been very careful in the past to not show/record our attendees on camera. We now need to balance that with the ability of remote viewers (who may sometimes be presenters) to see the FH audience. We will keep cameras off of the audience in the most left/west part of the Keeston room, but we hope that enough people sit in the right/east part to show the Zoom audience that the room is not empty!
Due to both Covid precautions and camera angle, people at FH who want to ask questions are asked to raise their hand, or stand up (and/or line up) at a microphone stand available for that purpose. As mentioned above, a stand at the left/west side will be for those who do NOT wish to be seen on zoom during their question, while the stand at the right/center will be for those who don’t mind being seen. The emcee will call on you at the appropriate time, over Zoom.