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Humanist Division of Celebrants

Humanist Celebrants are duly ordained under the auspices of the Humanist Society to officiate at weddings and memorial services, as well as other rites of passages, and to counsel humanists and the community in ethical and philosophical questions, serving as the humanist equivalent of traditional clergy.

Humanist Counseling Services

For general emotional and psychological support for those unable to pay for such services.

One reason we are involved in this effort is that the vast majority of low- or no-fee counseling services in the county are church-based, and as humanists, we believe that there should be a non-theological option.

Call: 503-948-5473


SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) is a program for drug/alcohol recovery for anyone with substance abuse issues.

Since almost half of the steps in twelve step programs involve belief in, or reliance upon, or praying to, a higher power, we felt it appropriate to support non-faith-based addiction treatment programs.

We are currently assisting with several groups, and would like to locate and train other group leaders so we could add more groups.

Visit or call 503-635-2489.