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Rental Vouchers and Homelessness
Laura Golino de Lovato

Laura Golino de Lovato gives an overview of rental subsidies at both the national and the local level.  She covers how rental vouchers are paid for, how they are allocated, and why they are effective and efficient. Laura Golino de Lovato is Executive Director of Northwest Pilot Project, which provides housing assistance and advocacy to low-income seniors in Multnomah County.

Health Effects of Climate Airborne Exposures
James Crooks

Presentation by James Crooks about how the climate crisis amplifies airborne exposures such as ozone, pollen, dust, and wildfire smoke, with a view to how these exposures affect health. Crooks is an associate professor at National Jewish Health, a respiratory research hospital in Denver, Colorado. In this role, Dr. Crooks co-directs the hospital’s Environmental Epigenetics Research.

Passenger Rail in the Pacific Northwest
Tim Gould

Tim Gould explores the possibilities of rail service as offering a low impact mode of travel as compared to the use of congested highways. Trains can be an important climate solution. Tim Gould is Chair of the Transportation & Land Use Committee in the Washington Chapter of Sierra Club.

Portland Harbor
Cassie Cohen

Presentation by Cassie Cohen about the Portland Harbor Superfund, and its Coalition, along with how folks can become engaged as members in our campaigns for to clean up the river. Cassie serves as Executive Director for Portland Harbor Community Coalition.