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A Post-Modern Religiosity of Humility--Atheists Welcome
Jeff Seward

In this presentation, Professor Seward outlines a philosophical/spiritual perspective with no claim to any expertise in philosophy or theology -- an expression of a personal point of view that members of HGP may find interesting and provocative. Seward has a Ph.D from Stanford. He has had a career in public television as a political reporter, news anchor, and film producer. He is a professor in the Department of Politics and Government at Pacific University. He has presented to us many times in the past.

Talent (Variety) Show
Al Christians

We present for your entertainment a flurry of talent -- drawn from the membership of HGP. This includes music from a variety of genres, along with some novelties.

Humanist Video Theater
David DiNucci

David DiNucci presents "food for thought" snippets from the internet, interspersed with audience discussion. The focus is on bugs in our perception, how it makes solving todays social problems more difficult, and what might be done about it. David has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, has worked at Portland Public Schools and NASA, and is currently President of HGP.

Plastics Pollution
Anja Malawi Brandon

Presentation by Anja Malawi Brandon. We live in an “Age of Plastics.” Plastic pollution has exploded into a global crisis that threatens our environment and our health. In this talk, we explore how we got here and how plastics affect our planet. We discuss potential solutions to reverse the course of this crisis. Dr. Anja Malawi Brandon is the U.S. Plastics Policy Analyst at the Ocean Conservancy. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University.