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Ending The Pacific War
Robert Sanford

Robert Sanford discusses the background and the many decision factors for ending World War II against Japan. Robert was a history major in college, and has continued to read extensively about World War II. He has served as a minor editor on that subject for Wikipedia. Robert joined HGP in 1998, where he originated the emcee position and served in that function for seven years. This is his twenty-fourth program for us.

International Approach to Conservation
Meghan Martin

Giant pandas have long captured the hearts of millions. Keeping this species from extinction has taken an international effort. In this talk, conservation biologist Meghan Martin describes the ins-and-outs of captive breeding in giant pandas. Ms. Martin earned her Ph.D at Portland State University. She is currently executive director of PDXWildlife, a local conservation and research non-profit.

The Gender Binary
Abby Hafer

Presentation by Abby Hafer. Why does sex exist? What are males for? Is the gender binary real?  Biologist Hafer has answers to these questions. She has a doctorate in zoology from Oxford University and teaches human anatomy and physiology at Curry College. Her book “Debunking Intelligent Design” became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

A Preacher’s Kid Gets a Life
Suandria Hall

Suandria Hall explores the impact of being raised in fundamentalism and then leaving as a nonbeliever. How does life get a restart? Ms. Hall is a mental health counselor and life coach, based in Denver, Colorado. A preacher’s kid from the Bible Belt South, she faced firsthand the difficulties of leaving a dogmatic religious foundation and learning to stand in one’s own truth.