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The Olmsted Legacy Across America
Laurence Cotton

Drawing upon the content of his PBS Special “Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America,” Laurence Cotton will touch on the key elements of Olmsted’s life and legacy and give a tour of selected Olmsted landscapes across America, with something of a focus on the Pacific Northwest.

Decoding Poems
Robert Sanford

Presentation by Robert Sanford. Robert has continued to refine his approach to cracking poems open, and he's looking forward to sharing the latest version with a couple of new poems. Sanford has taught poetry as a high school English teacher. Since then he’s been a police officer, professional speaker and trainer, human resources manager, and technical writer. He joined HGP in 1998 and has served as emcee for seven years.

The Evolution of Deception
Gordon Orians

Organisms may benefit by appearing to be other than what they are.. But the purveyor of deception may hurt the deceived. Therefore there are often defensive evolutionary responses by the deceived.  What has emerged is a complex pattern of what is involved in deception. Evolutionary biologist Gordon Orians guides us in an analysis of the rich patterns of deceit and why deceit-detectors have evolved. Orians is Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Washington. He has served as its Director of Environmental Studies. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1989 and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1990.

Dogs in Veteran Rehabilitation
Dan Regester

Dan Regester explores the profound impact of service dogs on veteran well-being. He sheds light on the transformative power of the human-canine bond in aiding veterans' physical, emotional, and social rehabilitation. Mr. Regester is owner and founder of K9 Kavalry, a Washington State based organization serving U.S. veterans across the nation with service dog training.