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Increasing Your Futures Literacy
Annette Gardner

Presentation by Annette L Gardner. The pandemic was a wake-up call to develop new ways of thinking addressing challenges that will emerge in the future. Many of us wrestle with uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in our lives. Foresight or working with the future is a way of thinking about alternative future scenarios. This talk presents foresight concepts and tools. Annette L Gardner is a political scientist with training in futures studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She conducts workshops at professional conferences and works with organizations to evaluate their foresight initiatives.

Scholarship Winners
Joyce Lackie

Presentation, hosted by Joyce Lackie, at Friendly House by HGP scholarship winners. They graduated from high school in the Portland area. They read their essays and then tell us about their plans for college and future careers.

Current State of the Media
Rachel Alexander

Presentation by Rachel Alexander. Today’s media landscape is fragmented and fraught with conflict. Journalists are contending with extremism, hostility, and cutbacks. We need to deal with the consequences of this. However, there is reason for hope with the growth of new online outlets filling in some gaps. Ms. Alexander is managing editor at Salem Reporter, an online local news site. She has spent a decade in the industry. She is the freedom of information chair for Oregons Society of Professional Journalists chapter.

Global Commodification of Chocolate
Kathryn Sampeck

Presentation by Kathryn Sampeck. Chocolate has a complex history of social, economic, and political impacts on the societies that produce and consume it. This talk presents ongoing archaeological, documentary to build a long-term interpretation to evaluate the place of Central America in chocolate’s history. Kathryn Sampeck is Professor of Anthropology at Illinois State University.