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Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Sharon Kuehn

Sharon Kuehn discusses a simple self-care and support system known as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). This is a program that encourages responsibity, mental health, self-determination, and self-awareness. Ms. Kuehn identifies as a person with lived experience of mental health challenges. She has served as a trainer, manager and program developer for over 25 years, acting as a catalyst for change in the public mental health system.

The PCC Trades Training Program
Carrie Weikel-Delaplane & Teri Patapoff

Presentation by Carrie Weikel-Delaplane & Teri Patapoff about the Portland Community College Trades Training Center. PCC works to support students in getting living wage jobs in the trades. Teri Patapoff is with the PCC Foundation as Major Gifts Officer. Carrie Weikel-Delaplane serves as Director of Apprenticeship and Trades at PCC Swan Island.

Supernovas and Our Fragile Earth
Robert McGown

Presentation by Robert McGown. There is a rich history of supernova observations ranging from European to Chinese. Recent supernovas have been discovered by automated telescope search engines. A supernova neutrino blast from a nearby star could extinguish half the life on Earth. This has probably happened during great extinction events of the past. McGown is a self-employed electrician whose interests encompass astronomy and physics. He has a Master’s degree and has co-authored three science books.

Love Knows No Borders
Maxine Fookson

Maxine Fookson reports on a trip that she and others made to the San Diego - Tijuana border in mid-December as an action for immigrant justice and to oppose the policies of the Administration. Ms. Fookson is a retired pediatric nurse practitioner, currently involved in social justice work.