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Environmental Justice & “Beyond Toxics”
Paige Hopkins & Meet Panchal

Presentation by Paige Hopkins & Meet Panchal about air quality projects with “Beyond Toxics”, a statewide environmental justice organization. The speakers will cover Oregon’s Medical Waste Incineration Act.. Ms. Hopkins has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Mr. Panchal’s academic fieldwork focuses on economic and environmental justice with an emphasis on water equity projects.

Creating a Banking System for People
David Delk

Presentation at Friendly House by David Delk. How do we react when the economy does not operate in the public interest? We look to make new institutions and to institute reforms of existing agencies. What are public banks, how are they created, and how are they different from the system based on Wall Street? Mr. Delk is a 72 yr old gay man. Since retiring, he has been co-chair of Portland Alliance for Democracy. He founded the Portland Move to Amend organization. He is chair of the Oregon Progressive Party.

Virtual Reality Headset
Matthew DeMoss

Presentation at Friendly House by Matthew DeMoss about virtual reality headset technology. Audience members will have the opportunity to experience the headset for a few minutes. Mr. DeMoss is a technician who works for ITFiniti. He has spent 12 years in the Information Technology industry.

The Giving Tree: The Oregon White Oak
Lindsay Cornelius

Presentation by Lindsay Cornelius, manager of the East Cascades Oak Partnership. She describes the Columbia Land Trust. “We conserve and care for the nature of the Northwest, through sound science and strong relationships.”