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What Is News?
Allan Classen

The founder and editor/publisher of a neighborhood newspaper examines a 32-year career invested in creating, defining and reporting local news. “Defining what news is makes all the difference,” Allan Classen says, “and no one should read the news without forming their own working definition.”

Our Universe
Duane Ray

Modern science describes our universe from the original Big Bang to the present universe and the many solar systems we have now discovered. However, there are holes in our understanding. Duane Ray provides an overview of this and offers suggestions about what the future may bring. Duane holds a PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He worked at Bell Labs.

The Aging Brain
Jeff Proulx

Presentation by Jeff Proulx, a Native American who specializes in the study of health in disadvantaged communities. Jeff discusses the role of stress in the aging process and he explores the role of mindfulness as a buffer to stress. He did his doctoral work in Human Development at Oregon State University.

DNA Genealogy
Steve Jacobs

For those studying their family histories, DNA sequencing technology is now available. Steve Jacobs discusses how this technology works. Steve worked as an engineer at Intel Corporation for many years. A long time secular humanist, he is a former past president of HGP.