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Clean Meat
Rebecca Jenkins

Rebecca Jenkins presents an introduction to current developments in cellular agriculture. This innovative technology can revolutionize our food system with positive effects on humans, animals, and global climate change. But will it happen? Ms. Jenkins was born in Ireland. She has a passion for social justice and animal rights. She studied Law at Trinity College Dublin and at Lewis & Clark Law School where she now works. Her scholarly interests include animal law, social justice, and food policy.

Healthcare for All Oregonians
Lee Mercer

Lee Mercer presents a brief history of the universal health care movement and current efforts in Oregon and nationally to create an improved “Medicare for All” system. Mr. Mercer is President of “Health Care for All Oregon-Action.” For eighteen years, he has done legislative advocacy and has promoted education on poverty, hunger, and economic issues.

2018 Ballot Measure Landscape
Otto Schell

Otto Schell represents Defend Oregon, a coalition of advocacy organizations, labor unions, and small businesses. He addresses five of the six measures on the November 6 Oregon ballot, discussing arguments pro and con.

Historic Cemeteries in Oregon
Kuri Gill

Presentation by Kuri Gill. Oregon has a special appreciation for historic cemeteries. Learn about the challenges facing the preservation of these special places, and some interesting cemetery stories. Kuri Gill is coordinator of the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries. She has a Masters degree in museum studies. She believes that local history should be reflected in communities.