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Talent Show
Al Christians

We present for your enlightenment and entertainment a flurry of talent -- drawn from the membership of HGP. This includes music (vocal and instrumental) from a variety of genres, along with a number of amusing novelties.

Student Empowerment
Wade McJacobs

This presentation by Wade McJacobs is an introduction to the Student Empowerment Group and its activities toward influencing instruction. Wade has worked with students with emotional disturbance for over 39 years. He earned his B.A. from Reed College and a Masters in Teaching from the University of Portland.

Early Horror Films and Stereotyping People of Color
Kellye McBride

Kellye McBride discusses horror films in the context of race. She revisits Noel Carroll’s definition of the monster and then goes on to examine various tropes including those that tend to portray certain races as exotic, sometimes in terms of supernatural powers. Ms. McBride received a Master’s degree from Kingston University London and Université Paris VIII. Her interests include the intersection between psychology and philosophy and horror studies. She regularly lectures at The People’s Colloquium in Portland.

Stories of Trees: A Look at Portland’s Canopy
David-Paul B. Hedberg

In Portland no tree is accidental. David-Paul B. Hedberg discusses why individuals replanted the city named Stumptown in their own vision. Mr. Hedberg is an environmental historian and a member of the Oregon State Heritage Tree Program. His research centers around local history and human influence on landscapes.