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Fish Passage Through the Urban Jungle
Daniel Newberry

Daniel Newberry discusses obstacles to fish passage in the City of Portland’s watersheds, along with engineering projects to enhance this passage. He also discusses some related legal issues. Newberry is Executive Director at Johnson Creek Watershed Council.

The Next Century of City Club
Dan Rivas

Dan Rivas discusses the history and the mission of City Club of Portland  -- which was founded in 1916. Dan is Director of Communications & Marketing of City Club. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Portland’s Earthquake Readiness
Alice Busch

Alice Busch, Operations Division Chief, Multnomah County Emergency Management will discuss Portland’s readiness for a major earthquake. Programs include training neighborhood volunteers to be first responders.

President’s Claim to Power
James Westwood

James Westwood discusses the United States Constitution and the limits of the President’s power. Mr. Westwood has spent forty years as an appellate lawyer in federal and state courts in Oregon and elsewhere.