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Bridging the Generation Gap
Tsipora Dimant

Presentation by Tsipora Dimant. Many of us today interact with people of four different generations each of which is influenced by its period’s economic, technological, political and social events. This presentation focuses on understanding and communicating with people of the different life orientation. Ms. Dimant is a mediator and trainer.

Mysterious Moths
Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson presents a non-technical look at moths in the Pacific Northwest, their diversity, how they differ from butterflies, and how to find and identify them. Mr.Johnson is a naturalist and dragonfly expert who has searched out and photographed moths throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years.

Leaving the Mormon Church
Karl Anderberg

Karl Anderberg discusses growing up in Utah in a Mormon family and what led him and his wife to leave. For the first 30 years of his life Mr. Anderberg was a devout Mormon. He is now atheist with Buddhist inclinations.  He holds a BS in Accounting.

Fish Passage Through the Urban Jungle
Daniel Newberry

Daniel Newberry discusses obstacles to fish passage in the City of Portland’s watersheds, along with engineering projects to enhance this passage. He also discusses some related legal issues. Newberry is Executive Director at Johnson Creek Watershed Council.