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Explanation and Understanding, Part 1
Laurent Beauregard

Part One of a presentation on “Explanation and Understanding in Science”. Laurent Beauregard covers what Isaac Newton achieved in the late 17th century. Newton’s work constituted the first deep scientific explanation in the history of ideas, overthrowing the system of Aristotle -- once and for all. Laurent holds an M.S. in physics and a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science.

Human Gut Microbiome and Food
Lisa Sardinia

Presentation by Lisa Sardinia. When you eat, you don’t just feed your cells, you feed the microbes that live in your gut. Diet can manipulate these microbes. How does this affect our physical and mental health? Lisa Sardinia is an associate professor in the Biology Department at Pacific University. She received her Ph.D. in microbiology from Montana State University. She has received an award for Excellence in Teaching at Pacific University.

Podcasts: New Golden Age of Audio
Todd Kimball

Todd Kimball helps us explore the new golden age in audio. Not only can we now listen to any radio station in the world but we have access to podcasts on virtually any topic, many of them narrated by experts. Todd is a long time HGP member. He had a ten year career in radio as sportscaster and was a nationally syndicated radio host. He holds an MBA from Arizona State.

Archives: Trust, Power, Connection
Terry Baxter

Presentation by Terry Baxter. In a world of contested information, archives are seen as reliable sources. While there is some truth in this, there’s more to be said. Archives are powerful tools for making change. But this occurs only if we understand what archives are, where they come from, and how they are used. Terry Baxter has been an archivist for 33 years. He works with Multnomah County and the Oregon Country Fair. He has written about tattoos as personal archives, and also archives as tools of power structures, among other archive-related topics.