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Finding the Balance of Intimacy
Elliott Kronenfeld

Presentation about intimacy by Dr. Elliott Kronenfeld. Intimacy is a unique balance.  How to find and develop that balance in relationship takes work and new models. This talk explores the messages that we have received as compared to what works in reality. Dr. Kronenfeld holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. He is Founder and Clinical Director of Insight Brookline Psychotherapy. He is also a TED speaker and the author of “Couples by Intention: Creating and Cultivating Relationships that Matter”.

Computers Programming Themselves
David DiNucci

In the 1990s, a massive shift in computing began, inspired by studies in brain biology. As a result, computers now enable speech recognition, self-driving cars, analysis of x-rays, advanced game playing, and much more. David DiNucci describes how “Deep Learning” differs from traditional computer programming, and what society might expect from Artificial Intelligence in the near future. Dr. DiNucci has been a programming researcher at NASA and at his own company, Elepar. He has been active at HGP over the years, and he currently serves as President.

Ritual and Celebration in Science
Sasha Sagan

Sasha Sagan discusses the science that underlies many human traditions and rituals. She shows how, as secular people, we find ways to celebrate beauty and awe. Ms. Sagan has worked as a producer, writer, and speaker. Much of her writing is inspired by the work of her parents, Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. She is author of the critically acclaimed book For Small Creatures Such As We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World.

Smarter Greener Electrical Buildings
Keith Kinch

Presentation by Keith Kinch about installing solar panels to provide electricity to various communities. Keith is co-founder and general manager of BlocPower. He has led one of the largest solar projects in New York State history. He has been involved in projects to provide solar retrofits to various housing units. He has served as a community organizer.