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The Health of Our Democracy
Jeff Seward

Jeff Seward reviews formal assessments of the state of American democracy and talks about criteria that have been used in these discussions. He then gives his own professional evaluation of how American democracy is doing. Is our system deeply flawed? Or is it not? Seward has a Ph.D from Stanford. He has had a career in public television as a political reporter, news anchor, and film producer. He is a professor in the Department of Politics and Government at Pacific University. He has presented to us many times in the past.

Navigating the American Healthcare System
Jon Peters, M.D.

Presentation by Jon Peters, M.D. How best to interact with your doctor before and after an office visit? How best to get tests and referrals? How to make interactions with providers better for you? Why, at times, your desires may not align with the American health care system. Dr. Peters completed his Family Medicine residency in 1991 and recently retired after nearly 30 years.

Creating a Democracy Movement
Greg Coleridge

Presentation by Greg Coleridge. Social change that expands people’s rights and calls for protecting the planet has been the result of committed individuals who organize powerful peoples’ movements. The crises that we face (political, constitutional, ecological, economic and social) demand a diverse democracy movement. Greg Coleridge is co-director of “Move to Amend”. He has worked for more than three decades with the American Friends Service Committee in Ohio where he dealt with a range of justice, environmental, and democracy issues. He is the author of several works on social change.

Rehabilitation U.S. Correction System
Caitlin Taylor

Presentation by Caitlin J. Taylor. She will discuss challenges to providing rehabilitation programs in the U.S. prison system. This includes prison culture, corruption, public opinion, and therapeutic relationships. Is this a system that can be reformed or should it be abolished? Caitlin Taylor, is an associate professor in Sociology & Criminal Justice at La Salle Univesity. Her research centers on the collateral consequences of mass incarceration as well as challenges faced by returning citizens.