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Supernovas and Our Fragile Earth
Robert McGown

Presentation by Robert McGown. There is a rich history of supernova observations ranging from European to Chinese. Recent supernovas have been discovered by automated telescope search engines. A supernova neutrino blast from a nearby star could extinguish half the life on Earth. This has probably happened during great extinction events of the past. McGown is a self-employed electrician whose interests encompass astronomy and physics. He has a Master’s degree and has co-authored three science books.

Love Knows No Borders
Maxine Fookson

Maxine Fookson reports on a trip that she and others made to the San Diego - Tijuana border in mid-December as an action for immigrant justice and to oppose the policies of the Administration. Ms. Fookson is a retired pediatric nurse practitioner, currently involved in social justice work.

Talent Show
HGP Members

We present for your enlightenment and entertainment a talent show. Some people insist on calling it a variety show. Oh, well. It's drawn from the membership of HGP. It includes music from a variety of genres, along with poetry and a few amusing novelties.

Wastewater Purification
Bashar Al-Daomi

Presentation by Bashar Al-Daomi. To protect water systems such as lakes and rivers, we need to make wastewater as free of phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations as possible. Microbes work to treat wastewater. Al-Daomi’s research involves supporting these microbes. Al-Daomi is a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at Portland State University. He focuses on using innovative bio-clean-tech ways to purify wastewater. He has designed, built, and operated three ways to do this.