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Deaths at Chemawa
Eva Guggemos

Presentation by Eva Guggemos. Hundreds of unmarked graves of Native children have been discovered at Catholic boarding schools in Canada and in the United States. This talk describes the work to find the names, causes of death, and burial locations of students who died in the custody of Oregons Indian Schools. Eva Guggemos is Associate Professor at Pacific University. She has an M.A. in History from Yale University. She oversees the archives collections, and heads up a large number of digital projects relating to local history.

Street Epistemology
Roman Tarasov

Presentation by Roman Tarasov. Street Epistemology is a communication technique that allows people to have productive discussions about almost anything, even topics that people disagree on. It combines ideas of scientific method, psychological findings, and Socratic questioning. What evidence do we have that it actually works? How can we improve the quality of our conversations? Roman Tarasov is a communication coach, critical thinking enthusiast, and a board member of Street Epistemology International.

A Post-Modern Religiosity of Humility--Atheists Welcome
Jeff Seward

In this presentation, Professor Seward outlines a philosophical/spiritual perspective with no claim to any expertise in philosophy or theology -- an expression of a personal point of view that members of HGP may find interesting and provocative. Seward has a Ph.D from Stanford. He has had a career in public television as a political reporter, news anchor, and film producer. He is a professor in the Department of Politics and Government at Pacific University. He has presented to us many times in the past.

Talent (Variety) Show
Al Christians

We present for your entertainment a flurry of talent -- drawn from the membership of HGP. This includes music from a variety of genres, along with some novelties.