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Playing with the Oregon Symphony
Peter Frajola

Peter Frajola, Associate Concert Master of the Oregon Symphony, discusses the duties and joys of his job. He will also play a few short pieces for unaccompanied violin. Mr. Frajola earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After working with the San Francisco Opera, Louisville Orchestra, and the Knoxville Symphony, he won an audition to play in the Oregon Symphony where he will soon be starting his 36th season.

Need for Revenue Reform in Oregon
Juan Carlos Ordóñez

Juan Carlos Ordóñez provides an overview of Oregon’s budget and tax system, the shortcomings of that system, and what reforms are needed to allow Oregon to better address the needs of its people. Ordóñez is the communications director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Advocating for Willingness to Change
Doug Matheson

Doug Matheson discusses encounters with Muslims in Oman and with Americans here in Oregon. He explores the need for us to change our minds as new evidence comes in. Mr. Matheson grew up a missionary kid in India, Later he came to realize that when beliefs contradict evidence, personal honesty requires changing one’s beliefs. He has taught science and has done public health work in various parts of the world.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Sharon Kuehn

Sharon Kuehn discusses a simple self-care and support system known as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). This is a program that encourages responsibity, mental health, self-determination, and self-awareness. Ms. Kuehn identifies as a person with lived experience of mental health challenges. She has served as a trainer, manager and program developer for over 25 years, acting as a catalyst for change in the public mental health system.