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Conspiracy Theories
Alex Olshansky

What makes outlandish conspiracy theories so compelling to some people? How are these theories propagated? Alex Olshansky discusses his research findings and then gets into the whys and hows of conspiracy thinking and the role of social media in their spread. Mr. Olshansky is a doctoral candidate and instructor in the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University.

Right-Wing Extremism After Trump
Randy Blazak

Presentation by Randy Blazak. The insurgence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was the beginning of a new wave of anti-government violence. Dr. Blazak discusses the roots of the current movement, its end-goal, and its likelihood of success. Dr. Blazak is a leading expert on hate groups and right-­­­­wing extremism. He was a tenured professor of sociology at PSU and now works as a consultant. He serves as vice-chair of an Oregon Department of Justice steering committee.

Elder Law and Estate Planning Basics
Garvin Reiter

Presentation by Attorney Garvin Reiter about the legal aspects of aging. He focuses on such topics as paying for long-term care needs, Medicaid planning, and asset protection. He also discusses the important documents that everyone should have in place while growing old. Attorney Reiter has specialized in elder law for twenty years. He is a past member of the Executive Committee of the Elder Law Section of the Oregon State Bar.

Finding the Balance of Intimacy
Elliott Kronenfeld

Presentation about intimacy by Dr. Elliott Kronenfeld. Intimacy is a unique balance.  How to find and develop that balance in relationship takes work and new models. This talk explores the messages that we have received as compared to what works in reality. Dr. Kronenfeld holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. He is Founder and Clinical Director of Insight Brookline Psychotherapy. He is also a TED speaker and the author of “Couples by Intention: Creating and Cultivating Relationships that Matter”.