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Russian Astronomy in the Nineteenth Century
Michael Meo

Michael Meo tells the story of the rise and the fall of Russian astronomy during the nineteenth century. Here was the first astronomer to observe stellar parallax, the predicted direct evidence of the earth’s orbit around the sun, sought for since the days of Galileo. Michael Meo earned a B.S. in astronomy from Cal Tech in 1969, took an M.A. in the history of science from U.C. Berkeley in 1970, and then served as museum technician at the Smithsonian Institution in 1975 to 1977.

Men and Violence
Chris Huffine

The vast majority of the perpetrators violence are male, yet rarely is this unifying demographic identified in discussions on reducing violence. Chris Huffine looks at what it is about masculinity that contributes to the male propensity for violence and what can be done to change it. Dr. Huffine is a licensed psychologist and Executive Director of Allies in Change in Portland. He has worked with thousands of abusive men and dozens of female and male victims of abuse.

HGP Scholarship Winners 2019
Emily Anderson, Lily Beeson-Norwitz, Lana al-Hahim

These are the presentations by the HGP Scholarship winners for 2019. The topic is "#MeToo" and "Black Lives Matter". The winners were: Emily Anderson, Lily Beeson-Norwitz, and Lana al-Hahim. The dates of the presentations were:  July 21, 2019,  July 28, 2019,  and  September 1, 2019.

HGP Scholarship Winner 2019 Q&A
Lily Beeson-Norwitz

This is an extended Q&A that followed Lily Beeson-Norwitz's July 28 presentation on "#MeToo" and "Black Lives Matter".