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Friends of Frog Ferry
Susan Bladholm

Presentation by Susan Bladholm, founder of Friends of Frog Ferry. Compelled by other river cities investment in passenger ferry services, Friends of Frog Ferry was conceived to challenge the status quo and call to question whether we should use our riverways as an additional transit mode. Ms. Bladholm, a transportation enthusiast, leads a team of volunteer experts, and has created a governance for the Friends of Frog Ferry.

Trees: The Pacific Forest Trust
Wendy Gerlach

Wendy Gerlach, of Pacific Forest Trust, discusses trees and their place in the environment. Trees provide us with wood, shade, water, recreation, and wildlife. Moreover, trees are an important part of the solution to climate change. Pacific Forest Trust’s work includes management of forests for climate resilience. Wendy also discusses how climate policies work, such as carbon offset credits. Wendy Gerlach is Senior Conservation Project Manager with Pacific Forest Trust. She is a graduate of Princeton University and of the University of Washington School of Law.

The Willamette Meteorite
Melinda Hutson

Dr. Melinda Hutson discusses the discovery of the Willamette meteorite and the controversies surrounding it in the context of meteorites in general and Oregon meteorites in particular.Melinda Hutson is the curator of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at Portland State University. She is married to the lab’s director and together they have been doing research on meteorites since 1983.

Solar Energy for Electric Transportation
John Patterson

Presentation by John Patterson. The case for solar powered electric transportation is compelling, cost effective, and doable. “Mr. Sun” tells us how to go about it. John Patterson has served as President of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association and Chair of the Citizens Utility Board. He has been instrumental in passing key renewable energy legislation on the state and federal level in America. He has recently built a solar powered electric bicycle.