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White Supremacists and COVID-19
Randy Blazak

Elements of the extreme right-wing have taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further agendas rooted in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, racist scapegoating, and a desire for armed revolution. In today’s program, Dr. Randy Blazak focuses on the current threat posed by activists behind anti-shutdown protests. Dr. Blazak is professor of sociology at PSU and works as a consultant on hate crime cases and on diversity issues.

Earthquake Culture
Allison Pyrch

Presentation by Allison Pyrch. The Pacific Northwest is due for a large earthquake and a tsunami. We are not as ready as we should be. Ms. Pyrch shares her observations from earthquakes around the world and discusses what we must do. Allison Pyrch is a geotechnical engineer with more than 17 years of experience. She has been a long-term advocate for better resilience planning in the Pacific Northwest. She was featured in the OPB documentary Unprepared. She was part of the team that developed the Oregon Resilience Plan.

Dismantling White Privilege
Kellye McBride

In the current divided state of America, it’s tempting for whites to see race relations as a matter of interpersonal conflict rather than as a systemic issue that unfairly treats people of color. Kellye McBrideexamines the meaning behind “white privilege” and the misconceptions that get in the way when discussing racial justice. Kellye McBride is a freelance writer, editor, and film instructor from the Portland area. She serves as TV editor for the UK blogSublime Horror. She has written for numerous publications. Her short nonfiction has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards by the Horror Writer’s Association.

Pollinator Habitat in Oregon Landscapes
Andony Melathopoulos

Presentation by Andony Melathopoulos. Forage areas for bees are threatened by erosion. This impacts not only honey yields, but also the health of bee colony stocks. Today’s program outlines specific needs for forage in Oregon and some key challenges facing the expansion of area planted to forages. Melathopoulos is Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. He also sits on the Steering Committee of the Oregon Bee Project.