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Hidden History of the American Revolution
Woody Holton

Presentation by Woody Holton based on his book “Liberty Is Sweet” which deals with the American Revolution from its ideological origins, to critical revolutionary battles, to a number of overlooked factors. Woody Holton is a professor of history at the University of South Carolina.

Harm Reduction for the Homeless
Sharon Meieran

Homelessness is a major issue facing communities across the country. It constitutes a crisis in public health and public safety. Dr. Sharon Meieran describes the root causes of homelessness; she discusses the concept of harm reduction as applied to homelessness, and how supportive housing can improve retention and overall wellness in the long term. Dr. Meieran serves as a Commissioner for Multnomah County. She is a former lawyer, and she practices emergency medicine in the Portland area.

Ecosystem Restoration in the Lower Columbia River
Matt Cox

Presentation by Matt Cox about restoration of tidal ecosystems in the lower Columbia River. This requires both ecological and engineering considerations. Even adjacent locations can have very different opportunities and limitations. Matt Cox is a senior water resources engineer. He has worked with Inter-Fluve since 2013.

Four and Ninety Blackbirds
Gordon Orians


Presentation by evolutionary biologist Gordon Orians. Details forthcoming. Orians is Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Washington. He has served as its Director of Environmental Studies. His most intensive research area has been behavioral ecology.