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Five Tools and Poetry Explodes
Robert Sanford

Robert Sanford offers a continuing exploration of poetry. Starting with the three differences between poetry and prose, and reviewing five basic tools (Vocabulary, Speaker, Audience, Setting, and Structure), he looks at a poem that we probably all know, along with a mysterious poem that is surprisingly similar to the first, and then a lovely and elegant poem by John Ciardi. Sanford has taught poetry to high school students. He has been an active member of HGP since 1998.

Deciding Not To Have Children
Kate Kaufman

Without children of our own, women and men face different opportunities and challenges than parents do. Kate Kaufman, author of the new book “Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No” explores these differences. Ms. Kaufmann is an advocate for better understanding of the childless/childfree demographic. She has an MFA in creative writing and a professional background in human resources and consulting.

Women’s Resistance in Early 20th Century Oregon
Kimberly Jensen

Presentation by Kimberly Jensen. Women from diverse backgrounds in early twentieth century Oregon protested as individuals and as members of political organizations, seeking both personal freedom and justice for collective groups. They faced incarceration, harassment, and even physical violence as they worked to demand change. Kimberly Jensen is Professor of History and Gender Studies at Western Oregon University. She is the author of several books on Women’s History.

Trauma & Disability Civil Rights
Helen Christians

Presentation by Helen Christians. Since the 1960’s the U.S. trauma system has grown to become a national system of regional medical centers treating multiple forms of trauma. As trauma victims have increasingly survived over the last half-century, they have sought civil rights and acceptance in the general population. Helen Christians is an occupational therapist with years of experience treating patients at Legacy Oregon Burn Center. In 2015 she was recognized by the American Burn Association as Therapist of the Year.