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Personal Stories
Cathy Humble, Sharon Joy, Dick Mase

Suzanne Thornton organized an event in which three HGP members share meaningful stories of significant events in their lives.

Portland’s Homeless Crisis
Anna Kemper

Anna Kemper reports on the 2023 Roadmap of “HereTogether” -- a coalition of businesses and community leaders working together to address homelessness in the Metro region. Anna is the Communications Manager at HereTogether. She believes that housing is a human right.

The Limits and Possibilities of Dialogue
Steinar Bryn

Presentation at Friendly House by Steinar Bryn, a man who is recognized as one of the most experienced dialogue facilitators in Europe. He has a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. In 1996 he took charge of Nansen Dialog, a reconciliation project directed toward the Western Balkans. He has facilitated several hundred dialogue meetings between people in deep conflict.

The World Economy
Mark Blyth

Mark Blyth discusses what the world economy says about us — and why it ultimately reveals our accomplishments, advances, fears, and mistakes. Blyth is a Scottish-American political economist, currently the William R. Rhodes Professor of International Economics and Professor of International and Public Affairs at Brown University.