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Why Theater?
Allen Nause

Allen Nause discusses the importance of theater in our fast paced world of instant entertainment. Can this ancient, low tech art form survive in the twenty-first century? Mr. Nause is resident artist at Artists Repertory Theatre where he served as Artistic Director for 25 years.

Finding Meaning in Poetry
Robert Sanford

Robert Sanford provides tools to discover the truths and pleasures of poems. This is his twelfth presentation on poetry. Sanford has taught poetry to high school students. He joined HGP in 1998 and served as emcee for seven years.

Black Nonbelievers
Keisha Thomas

Presentation by Keisha Thomas. There are Black non-believers. What are their demographics and statistics? What brings about Black non-belief? Ms. Thomas is an Organizer for Black Nonbelievers of Portland.

Hearing Loss
Allison Coffin

What are the causes of hearing loss? Allison Coffin’s lab uses tiny zebrafish to understand hearing loss and the ways to prevent it. Allison Coffin is a neuroscience professor at Washington State University in Vancouver.