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The Village Movement in Portland
Lyn Trainer

Presentation by Lyn Trainer at Friendly House (and on Zoom) about the Village Movement. A Village is a neighborhood-based membership organization that invigorates older adults’ lives with new experiences and people. Ms. Trainer is Managing Director of Villages NW-Metro.

Water Resources Updates
Ivan Gall

Presentation by Ivan Gall about the modernization of our groundwater allocation process. What are the challenges we face in managing this resource in increasing times of water scarcity? Mr. Gall is the interim Deputy Director for the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Mobile Medics International
Teresa Gray

Presentation by Teresa Gray, an Alaskan paramedic and nurse, who started Mobile Medics International to send small, self-sufficient medical teams to natural and humanitarian disasters. Since 2017, the nonprofit has provided free medical care to more than 30,000 people on five continents.

Code-Breaking in World War II
Robert Sanford

Presentation from the Friendly House by Robert Sanford who discusses code-breaking, the Enigma Machine, Germany’s encoding system, and the Japanese Navy codes. Robert has long been interested in World War II. As a young man, he read Churchill’s six-volume history of World War II. He joined HGP in 1998 and served as emcee for seven years. He wrote the history of our chapter.