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Conversation with Nadya Dutchin
Nadya Dutchin

Presentation by Nadya Dutchin. The AHA has sought to direct its efforts to focus on human rights and social justice in addition to its bedrock programs. Ms Dutchin talks about the why and the how and she will engage in an open discussion to learn more about the needs of our chapter. Nadya Dutchin is the new Executive Director of the American Humanist Association with more than 10 years of community engagement. She is of Guyanese descent.

Public Policy and the Cult Phenomenon
Lisa Kendall

Presentation by Lisa Kendall from the Friendly House about the cult phenomenon as it relates to public policy. Lisa has been active in the cult awareness community since 2012 by providing support for former members in civil suits, testifying before legislatures, writing about the impact of group involvement, and through speaking engagements on radio, podcasts, and in person. Lisa has a Masters in Public Administration.

The LGBT+ Acronym
Reid Vanderburgh

Presentation by Reid Vanderburgh. Often shortened to LGBT+, the full acronym of identity possibilities (for now!) is LGBTQQIAAPNb. This presentation defines each letter of the acronym, providing some history about where it all came from.Reid Vanderburgh is a retired therapist who worked primarily with transgender clients and their family members. He is the author of two books (Transition and Beyond  and Journeys of Transformation).

Unique Life Experiences
Suzanne Thornton, Neil Baldwin, Kathy Moyd

Three HGP members (Suzanne Thornton, Neil Baldwin, Kathy Moyd) share meaningful life stories of significant events in their lives.