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2018 Ballot Measure Landscape
Otto Schell

Otto Schell represents Defend Oregon, a coalition of advocacy organizations, labor unions, and small businesses. He addresses five of the six measures on the November 6 Oregon ballot, discussing arguments pro and con.

Historic Cemeteries in Oregon
Kuri Gill

Presentation by Kuri Gill. Oregon has a special appreciation for historic cemeteries. Learn about the challenges facing the preservation of these special places, and some interesting cemetery stories. Kuri Gill is coordinator of the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries. She has a Masters degree in museum studies. She believes that local history should be reflected in communities.

Benefits of a Plant Based Diet
Dave Gray, Dave Pebworth

HGP members Dave Gray and Dave Pebworth discuss how a plant based (vegan) diet can help to improve or restore human health. How do our food habits relate to obesity, diabetes, and coronary disease? What is the environmental impact of raising animals for food? Can we feed a population of nine billion in 2050?

Domestic Violence
Chris Huffine

Presentation by Chris Huffine. When people hear of “domestic violence” they often think of physical abuse. In fact, most domestic violence involves non-physical abuse. This presentation will quickly and concisely help you to better understand what domestic violence is really about and really looks like. Chris Huffine is a licensed psychologist. During his career over the past 26 years, he has worked with thousands of abusive men and dozens of female and male victims of abuse.