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The Formula of Human Life

Jeff Strang describes the "formula of human life": what you're given, who you know, what you know, what you do, and any “accidents” (good or bad) along the way. Being born is an accident, and it's the first thing we're given. Supernatural belief falls into the "what you know" category. We’ll discuss this formula of human life, and how it can help put our own and others' lives in better perspective. Jeff has been a member of HGP since the aftermath of 9/11/2001. He has degrees in math, animal ecology, and international studies. He works as an Environmental Health Specialist at Multnomah County. His fascination with formulae led him to an interest in designing better economic solutions to social and environmental problems, which he pursues as chair of Common Ground OR-WA.

Presenter : 
Jeff Strang
Sunday, January 31, 2016