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Pandemic Impacts Democracy

Presentation by Greg Coleridge. Unprecedented pandemic and economic crises have disrupted our lives. As a result, weaknesses in our governing institutions, and how our economy is structured, are exposed now more than ever.Is unending growth the meaning of our very human existence?These crises present both extreme challenges and enormous openings to help those with the greatest needs, to raise awareness of the current injustices and system failures, and to organize to alter our societal rules – to amend the U.S. Constitution to rethink our relationships as human beings and our connection to the natural world. Greg Coleridge is Outreach Director of Move to Amend, a national grassroots organization that seeks to blunt corporate power by amending the United States Constitution to end corporate personhood. He previously served an elected term on the national governing board of Common Cause.

Presenter : 
Greg Coleridge
Sunday, May 24, 2020