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More great videos

Dramtic Readings of Crank Mail
Mike Birtchet

Mike Birtchet performs dramatic readings of religious crank mail.


Humanist Innovators Competition
Todd Kimball

This is a video of the finalists' presentations in the first Humanist Innovators Competition. Hosted by Todd Kimball.


Fable of Science and Religion

From internet sources, Laurent has concocted a video that mixes a version of science with a smattering of religion, with musical accompaniment intended to have you groove with the scenes that are shown.


HGP SCIENCE “The Fantastic Mr. Feynman”

This is a BBC production about the life and times of Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman ranging from his involvement in the Atomic Bomb Project (1940s) to his role in uncovering the cause of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (1986). We learn of Feynman’s discoveries in physics, his interest in art, and his adventures as a curious character.