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More great videos

HGP SCIENCE “The Fantastic Mr. Feynman”

This is a BBC production about the life and times of Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman ranging from his involvement in the Atomic Bomb Project (1940s) to his role in uncovering the cause of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (1986). We learn of Feynman’s discoveries in physics, his interest in art, and his adventures as a curious character.


HGP MUSIC (collection)

This HGP Music program consists of 14 video clips. It includes songs from “Oklahoma,” “The Book of Mormon,” and “High Society,” followed by Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft singing “Sweet Georgia Brown” in Polish. After this comes tap-dancing. And then Leonard Cohen (“Dance Me”). Next, a John Prine and Iris Dement duet, followed by Storm Large’s unforgettable “Eight Miles Wide.” Finally, some doo-wop from the late fifties and early sixties, topped off with Iris Dement’s “Let the Mystery Be.”


HGP COMEDY (collection)

This HGP comedy program consists of 19 video clips. It includes impressionist Rich Little, Batman and Catwoman, Mitchell and Webb (British comedy team), Rowan Atkinson (also British), a Dr. Strangelove scene, and then some Buster Keaton, George Carlin, and Jackie Mason. After this, three Jewish jokes, two Seinfeld clips, and two surprise endings.