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The Defiant Conscience, Resistance, and Culture
Dr. Michael R. Steele

Dr. Michael R. Steele (Distinguished University Professor of English and Peace Studies, Pacific University) will discuss the roles of conscience and resistance in a society where “the norm” is to blend in, keep a low profile, or collaborate with the reigning power structure.

Peacemaking in Northern Ireland
Reverend Bill Shaw

Presented by Reverend Bill Shaw. A brief historical context to the “Troubles” – 1969 to the ceasefires in 1994 that resulted in the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 and the momentous events of last year when Paisley (leader of the Protestant/Unionist Party) and Adams (leader of the main Catholic Republican Party) agreed to enter a power sharing government that has been functioning successfully for almost a year.

Evolutionary Psychology and the Engineered Mind
Dr. Edward Hagen

Dr. Edward Hagen will provide an introduction to Evolutionary Psychology and argue that most of the controversies surrounding this approach to cognition are rooted not in fears of genetic determinism per se, but in a persistent mind-body dualism.

Current Church/State Issues
Bruce Adams

Presented by Bruce Adams, President, Columbia Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Following a brief introduction to church/state issues, Bruce Adams will address current national issues, e.g., laws requiring public schools to teach Bible classes, efforts to require science teachers to teach Intelligent Design, and the new Texas law requiring schools to give students opportunities to lead prayers in public schools.