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Taking the Byte out of Computers
David Almond

Presented by David Almond, who has spent 30 years in the field with large organizations, recently was the Chief Information Officer for the Oregon State Department of Revenue, and was an active participant in a number of technology issues within the State. The presentation explores computer technology, current trends, and its effects on business and society, unpacking the term "computer technology" into some basic components then exploring what we see today with those basics in mind.

History of the American funeral: From the Puritans to Baby Boomers
Rosemary Hardin

Presented by Rosemary Hardin, HGP member. This is a lively look back over the evolution of the American funeral, how and why it's changed, significant changes in attitudes about death—and how Baby Boomers have turned funerals upside down. Preceded by two musical performances in lieu of a reading.

Revising the Death Penalty in Oregon
Matthew Rubenstein

Preceded by a short reading, this program by speaker Matthew Rubenstein was recorded on 2/28/10 at a regular meeting of the Humanists of Greater Portland (Oregon), or HGP -- website Abstract: Oregon (population 3,421,399) has 10 times more capital cases pending than Washington (population 5,894,121) but has only half the population. Death penalty cases are complex and costly. They require 2 capital qualified attorneys

"Personality Types" and "Other Pious Perpetrators"
Blossom Turk and Sue Emmett

Continuation of The Family presentation. Second week- Personality Types by Blossom Turk- Comparisons/Discussion by Sue Emmett. She has entitled her comments "Other Pious Perpetrators"