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Leave the Mirage, Enter the Real World of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
Dr. Duane Ray

Science tells us the world we perceive is only an approximation of our actual world. Join Dr. Duane Ray as we glimpse our daily world as it really is. Space puckers. All is probabilities. Nothing is smooth. Everything comes in little chunks. Our TVs, our cell phones, our computers would not be possible if we did not deeply understand the strange, unfamiliar world in which we exist. You will never look through a window the same way again!

Dragonflies and Damselflies
Jim Johnson

HGP member Jim Johnson returns to tell us more about his hobby (and his passion). Following a general discussion about dragonflies and damselflies, Jim will give a summary of a trip he took to Ecuador this Spring and will also bring some specimens for our viewing.

Reform at Victory
Michele Ulriksen

In this non-fiction memoir, author Michele Ulriksen describes her experience in a locked-down, unlicensed fundamentalist Baptist reform school when she was a teenager. Her purpose in writing the book is to raise public awareness about such facilities that still thrive today. In her presentation, she will talk about her book and her year-long experience at the “school,” and she will share some alarming facts associated with these types of facilities, including false accreditation, documented deaths, and illegal rules. She will also discuss how they are able to operate without licensing and regulation and how they get some of their funding. To learn more about the book and/or these facilities, please visit

Creationism & Intelligent Design: What are they and why do we care?
Dr. Duane Ray

As a scientist, HGP member Duane Ray has worked to understand how Creationists can believe what they believe and also why we cannot easily resolve the questions surrounding Intelligent Design. His quest for understanding has led him to attend many of their talks, read their books and literature, and even watch their movies! He will define the terms, discuss their beliefs, and then share what he has discovered, including his concerns for the future. Don’t be left behind!