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After the Neocons: Outline for Post-Bush Foreign Policy
Jeff Seward, PhD

Presented by Jeff Seward, PhD (Pacific University). Aside from the bad outcomes produced by the Bush foreign policy, what exactly was wrong with its three main themes: “The War on Terror,” “Democracy Uber Alles,” and “Neo-liberal Globalization”? Dr. Seward will try to answer that question and propose an alternative set of principles to guide a post-Bush foreign policy designed to restore America’s capacity to be a strong and constructive global influence

Bipolar Happens
Julie Fast

Writer, speaker, educator, and leading expert in the field of mental health, Julie Fast will share her inspiring story and her efforts to encourage people around the world to find exceptional mental health and ultimately reach their goals.

Humanist Video Theater #2
David DiNucci

This is HGP member David DiNucci's program from May 11, 2008 in which he shows short video clips on a variety of humanist topics from the Beyond Belief conference. A discussion period follows each clip.

The Defiant Conscience, Resistance, and Culture
Dr. Michael R. Steele

Dr. Michael R. Steele (Distinguished University Professor of English and Peace Studies, Pacific University) will discuss the roles of conscience and resistance in a society where “the norm” is to blend in, keep a low profile, or collaborate with the reigning power structure.