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Nazi Occupation in the Netherlands
Dr. Pieter Rol

This is a special program. It tells of memories of the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. It was presented by Dr Pieter Rol, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Portland State University. Dr. Rol wrote: “My presentation is not a balanced historical essay, but it describes the experiences of a teenager during the five-year occupation of the Netherlands by the Nazis, as remembered by an eighty-four year old man. During those years, I lived with my family in a rural area about twenty miles north of Amsterdam and attended high school in a nearby town (when possible).”

Dr. Duane Ray

This is Part 5 of a 5-part science series prepared by Dr. Duane Ray. “Dusty fossils indicate things past. Gaps in knowledge abound. The structure of DNA was discovered and subsequent study outlines in great detail the mechanism of evolution and enlightens our understanding of life processes and how they work. The action of DNA is simple in concept but complicated in the details. Complete understanding is just a matter of time. What will the future bring?”

Health, Money, and Fear
Dr. Paul Hochfeld

This is a presentation by Dr. Paul Hochfeld. It is sub-titled “An ER Doctor Talks About Our Health Care Conundrum.” What are the goals of a health care system? Hochfeld encourages new ways of thinking about the health care conundrum focusing on the individual vs the community and the realities that we are all paying for already. “Clearly, we aren't getting much value for the amount of money we are spending -- primarily because we don't have a health care system, and we won't, as long as we continue to treat health care like just another commodity to be traded in the marketplace. There are unique aspects to health-care that defy the usual laws of the marketplace.” Dr. Hochfeld practices emergency medicine in Corvallis, Oregon. He has been active in advocating healthcare reform and has been part of the “Mad As Hell” doctors movement.

Faith: Pretending to Know Things You Don't Know
Dr. Peter Boghossian

This presentation, titled "Faith: Pretending to Know Things You Don't Know", is by Dr. Peter Boghossian. Dr. Boghossian is a faculty member in the Portland State University Department of Philosophy and an affiliate research assistant professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. His primary research areas are critical thinking and reasoning.