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The Sanctity of Sovereignty vs. the Imperative of Intervention
Jeff Seward, PhD

Presented by Jeff Seward, PhD (Pacific University). When is the intervening of a country by another to defend human rights acceptable? The issue of humanitarian interventions and the balancing of human rights concerns with respect for sovereignty may become more and more salient under an Obama administration as many folks on the left intermittently support the idea of intervening to defend human rights. A brief, provocative intro to the subject is used to stimulate a discussion.

Rural Living In Siberia
Troy Downing

Presented by Troy Downing, OSU Extension Agent. Troy starts with an introduction to Russia followed by what his assignments, who sent him and where he specifically traveled. He will share highlights from each of his 5 trips accompanied by photos and some closing thoughts about the Russian people. Troy maintains contacts and communications in the area.

Bopping Around the Balkans
Robert Sanford

HGP member Robert Sanford will bring a few of his pictures and some of the stuff from his trip to ten Balkan countries this spring. He will present his sense of business, living conditions and more.

DNA, Evolution, and All That Biological Stuff
Dr. Duane Ray

Presented by Duane Ray, PhD. Dusty fossils indicate things past. Gaps in knowledge abound. The structure of DNA was discovered and subsequent study has outlined in great detail the mechanism of evolution and has enlightened our view of life processes. How does it work? The action of DNA is simple in concept but complicated in the details. Proponents of Intelligent Design raise false issues. Complete understanding is just a matter of time. What will the future bring?