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Out of the Ordinary Oregon
Connie Battaile

Brought to us with the help of the Oregon Chautauqua Series and the Oregon Council for the Humanities. A shared belief that it is different here in Oregon is certainly part of how we define our state. Connie Battaile is a retired reference librarian and author. She wonders if revisiting curious events in Oregon history can help illuminate our conviction that Oregon is different. Such events as floods and the infamous exploding whale story along with other foibles such as Stumbo Strip will illustrate her point. Slides of maps and historical photos will also help illustrate her presentation.

US Relations with Iran
Goudarz Eghtedari, PhD

Presented by Goudarz Eghtedari, Ph.D., political analyst, writer, and a director of the American Iranian Friendship Council. The US relationship with Iran has been in the news now for several months. Dr Eghtedari feels that a conflict with Iran could be even much worse than the present conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will explain why he feels this way followed by an introduction to Iran, comments concerning Iran’s relationship with the US, and discussion of how the current hostile environment can be improved to a win-win for people of both countries.

Leave the Mirage, Enter the Real World of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
Dr. Duane Ray

Science tells us the world we perceive is only an approximation of our actual world. Join Dr. Duane Ray as we glimpse our daily world as it really is. Space puckers. All is probabilities. Nothing is smooth. Everything comes in little chunks. Our TVs, our cell phones, our computers would not be possible if we did not deeply understand the strange, unfamiliar world in which we exist. You will never look through a window the same way again!

Dragonflies and Damselflies
Jim Johnson

HGP member Jim Johnson returns to tell us more about his hobby (and his passion). Following a general discussion about dragonflies and damselflies, Jim will give a summary of a trip he took to Ecuador this Spring and will also bring some specimens for our viewing.