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Job Search
Todd Kimball

Presented by Todd Kimball. 1. Why current media and technology makes it less likely that a person will become employed quickly in a rewarding job. 2. How to turn the job acquisition process from an ordeal into a fun and exciting process. 3. The 5 key influencers that companies look to when they are "hiring". 4. The effective and appropriate way to utilize recruiters or staffing companies in the job acquisition process. 5. How the job acquisition process can benefit you and be applied to other areas of life even when you are not looking for work.

Home Funerals Alive and Well in the U.S.
Rosemary Hardin

Presented by Rosemary Hardin. This presentation will focus on how to care for your own dead in Oregon (yes, it's legal), and why doing so can be emotionally healing, environmentally friendly and a rich, life-affirming experience.

Does Socialism Have a Future?
Dr. Jeff Seward

Presented by Dr. Jeff Seward of Pacific University. He returns to survey the three major strands of the socialist tradition--Marxism, anarchism (or "libertarian socialism"), and social democracy--and offer up an assessment of their future prospects based on their historical achievements and failures. Do any of these strands of the socialist tradition still offer a viable alternative to the contemporary development of globalized capitalism? Does capitalism itself have any viable future if its trajectory cannot be shaped in part by the ongoing relevance of the socialist tradition?

Economic Equity: Equalizing Opportunity
Jeff Strang and Jeff Smith

Presented by Jeff Strang and Jeff Smith. Could an annual "citizen's dividend," along the lines of Alaska's Permanent Fund, help equalize opportunity among our citizens? How can we tap into wealth ("solid" capital) to generate cash flow ("liquid" capital) desperately needed by those on the lowest rungs of the economy? How would it look if we paid for it by charging annual land rent to private landowners? HGP member Jeff Strang is joined by long-time "geonomist" Jeff Smith. Smith presented to HGP several years ago on shifting property taxes. This exploration of practical economics was presented at the Coalition for a Livable Future's Regional Livability Summit on April 23.